Ocean Sweepers SUP Squad

Stand up paddling is a fast growing sport. Best full body work out on water using every muscle.


Guaranteed to burn, sweat and build your overall fitness in no time. The paddling stroke of SUP is strong, using the CORE, BACK, GLUTES as the power muscles to accelerate and maintain board speed. Every other muscle in the body is working to sustain pace, direction using our feet and legs, strength and lightness through the hands. 

SUP can be used to cross train for another sport, lose unwanted kilos, tone up or train to race.

Sessions are for all levels of paddlers and all ages.

DON'T HAVE A BOARD AND PADDLE - no worries, we can provide you with one give me a call

Boards we use: We use Stand Up paddle Race boards. These are 12'6 & 14 foot long. One fin. The paddle is a light weight carbon fibre or similar.


Throsby creek, Carrington. 

Horseshoe Beach, Nobbys

Days we train.

Monday - 5:30pm -6:15pm

Wednesday - 5:45am - 6:45am

Friday - 5:45am -6:45am

Saturdays - Occasionally


$10 a session

$20 if using one of our boards & paddles.

Types of Sessions:

Aerobic Intervals

Anaerobic Intervals

Lactate Threshold Intervals

Off the beach course sessions around buoys and some running.

How to follow us:

Follow us on Facebook & if you don't have Facebook i will text you for confirmation of sessions.

Sessions are always confirmed a week in advance for location and time & the night before.

For any bad weather we usually cancel & this is updates on the Facebook page.


Caps & Singlets available:

Cap - $20

Singlet - $30